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What is Teaching?

Teaching is the engagement of an educator with learners to enable their understanding and use of knowledge, concepts, and processes to make them understand things at best. Basically, teaching imparts knowledge and wisdom. A teacher is a person who transfers knowledge and it’s a generalized term for the one who taught.


A tutor is a term specified to a person who teaches a single student or a small group of pupils.

He/she provides private academic support to learners. Each tutor has methodologies to deal with students so they can learn well. Teaching skills play a vital role in teaching because teacher realize students about their future by providing them the valuable instructions which provide them with directions. The teaching skills of a teacher show how effectively a student can learn. How to deal with different students tutors need to adopt different criteria or extra skills but generally, each good tutor must have the following characteristic skills.

  1. Self-disciplined

Discipline is an action or reaction to a particular system or a particular situation. Discipline is important for every human being to overcome hurdles and to live a peaceful life but a tutor/educator is not only one who is affected by his/her discipline but students too.

Being disciplined means there must be punctual and available regularly in his/her tutoring hours (whether he/she is a home tutor or online tutor or teaching in a school) if a teacher will be punctual, he/she can easily manage study time without making it pressurizing.

As a disciplined tutor;

  • Students and teachers easily manage academic and personal time
  • Get the work done on time
  • Assessments and healthy discussions can be done with good management of time
  • Set an excellent example for learners to follow up
  1. Responsible;

Being responsible means knowing the fact of being accountable for something. Responsibility provides you with a sense of purpose and makes you act accordingly. As we know that tutor is responsible not for only teaching but also for student interests in their studies

As a responsible and good tutor

  • Ever be energetic, then he should teach the students so that the level of interest of pupils in study remains high
  • Behave as a motivator, an energetic person can motivate the best. If a tutor wants productive learning from a student ever motivate his/her student by sharing different experiences and historical backgrounds of the student’s area of interest or goal.
  • An educator or tutor knows how to assess his/her student, here she used effective methods to measure the performance of the student.
  1. Good communicator;

Communication plays a central role in teaching whether the student is a normal or special student. A good educator must have the qualities of a good listener and a good speaker

  • As a good listener, Twitter can understand learners better
  • As a good speaker, a tutor can easily convey to the learner what they want. I tutor must speak loud and clear with great confidence because words value the most when you have believed in what you say.
  • Emotional quotient means the balance of thoughts and actions. a tutor with a high EQ can better figure out whether the student is learning or not and can bring him or her to the level so a student can understand and acquire the knowledge. EQ has a special quality that is if you are not good at it you can develop it with practice. a good tutor practices everything which makes him/her most skillful and productive.
  1. Walking Wikipedia;

By this I never ever mean that a tutor has to engulf all the information, but I think a good tutor knows best of his/her subject in which he/she specialized.

A good tutor should always develop the habit of book reading and knowledge seeking and he/she must have up-to-date knowledge for his/her students

  1. Task and goal-oriented

A mentor has a huge impact on his/her followers. A student tutor is a mentor in his/her surrounding either as a school teacher or home tutor. if a tutor will be goal/task oriented he/she will be able to:

  • Complete syllabus on time as per curriculum
  • Schedule quizzes and assignments and take on time
  • Develop this habit in learners so students have goals in life and they must be oriented to it
  1. Creative thinker and comprehensive;

Creativity is something that we link with art but it’s no full definition of creativity. Doing anything in a new way is creativity if a tutor comes up with a new idea and effective methodology of teaching when the student is not picking a conventional method this will also consider creativity

  • A good tutor uses multiple resources to gather information and collaborate with students to deliver it
  • A good tutor organizes syllabi, tasks, and data with creativity and knows when he/she has to deliver it to the student so the learner can pick it up easily.
  • A good tutor loves his/her profession and ever seeks knowledge. they never give up if students are time takers in learning and not task oriented. A home tutor is capable enough to develop good habits in his history and by knowing his/her own strengths and using the above effective skills of teaching

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